Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Regularly

With summer coming to an end soon, one of the things that you must have on your to-do list is cleaning the gutters. Leaving it too late will not only find you or someone up on the roof on a cold winter’s day cleaning them (assuming you would), but may lead to other problems which are to be discussed below. However, if you clean them regularly, you’ll avoid the last-minute scramble we’ve noticed between mid-autumn and early winter.

One of the reasons why gutter cleaning doesn’t happen regularly is it isn’t as visible as your garage door, kitchen sink or front lawn. After all, how many of us will climb up onto the roof as often as we would mow the lawn? Also, the main problem caused by blocked gutters, which is water-associated damage, takes a long while to show up. In this article, we highlight possible symptoms of blocked and choked gutters you must pay attention to.

1. Structural issues

Water seepage into walls and structures can have adverse consequences on the foundations of your house. Add the contraction and expansion which the variation in temperatures brings, and cracks will become evident over time. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore them as cracks are a common sight. But left unchecked, they can impact the integrity of your house’s foundations.

2. Leaks

Unless your gutters allow water to flow freely, pools will form as a result of blockages. The main culprit is usually fallen leaves and these pools of water need an ‘escape route’. Those watermarks you see on the walls are likely one of them. The joints of the house will be impacted too. As mentioned above, the integrity of your house’s foundations will be at risk as a result.

3. Damage to fixtures and fittings made of wood

The use of wood in various parts of the house can enhance its aesthetic appeal. Wood tends to exude warmth and nature. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to the havoc water can create. It will rot, and with its strength compromised, it may crumble over time. If wood defines the structure and build of your house, regular gutter cleaning is a must.

4. Pests

Damp and moisture – the ideal foundations of a pest’s home. They thrive in such conditions. These unwelcome guests may not threaten the foundations, paintwork or wood fixtures and fittings, but they are a nuisance, especially when you have to deal with the issues clogged gutters create.

5. Damages your landscape

At some point, the water gathering in your gutters will come crashing down. It will land on your lawn and plants. An excessive amount of water will turn your lawn into a muddy patch. It’ll take a lot of work and time to re-seed them and bring them back to life.

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Gutter cleaning can be a pain. But as highlighted above, not doing it regularly is a bigger pain. The good news is there are professionals out there with the experience and tools to get the job done. Call us for a quote.

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