Why Hire a Plumber for Roofing and Guttering?

Why Hire a Plumber for Roofing and Guttering?

Roofing and guttering are important because you need to be sure the top of your house is offering the protection from the elements that you need so that your home and your family are safe inside.

Here at Matt Diamond Plumbing, we can help with both of those tasks. You might not consider a plumber when you have a roofing problem, but ours are also trained to handle drainage work. Here’s why you should hire a plumber for roofing and guttering in Dubbo.

Roofing, Guttering & Plumbing Services In One

There are a few things we can do for you as plumbers when it comes to your roofing and guttering needs. That includes installing gutters and downpipes so you can properly drain water and precipitation from your roof. We can also install rainwater tanks so you can collect the water for other uses. We can also do maintenance and repair so that you can deal with roof leaks, erosion and mildew quickly and correctly.

When It’s Best To Call a Roof Plumber

You know what services we provide, but how do you know when you should call a roofer or a plumber. One reason to call a plumber is if you want to install a new roof drainage system. You’re starting from scratch so having an expert in drainage is important. Other times to call us include if you need new gutters, downpipes and storm water disposal methods. You can call us if you are seeing problems with gutters and downpipes draining like they should and you can hire a plumber if you want to learn about ways to collect rainwater.

Benefits of a Roof Plumber

One of the best benefits of using a plumber for your roofing needs is that you may be able to get the problem taken care of more quickly than if you wait for a roofer. You also get someone who is trained and has expertise in drainage and the issues you may be facing so you are sure to get the proper long term solution.

What Roof Plumbers Don’t Do

While a roof plumber specialises in certain roof problems and repairs, they can’t perform all of the duties of a traditional roofer. A plumber can’t maintain and repair shingles and the parts that go into the roof. If it has to do with drainage, a roof plumber is who to call. If not, call a regular roofer.

Do you need a roof plumber to inspect your roofing and guttering? Call us at Matt Diamond Plumbing today to get a quote.