Tips For Maintaining Your Septic System

Tips For Maintaining Your Septic System

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If your home or any other type that you own relies on a septic tank system in order to run properly, then you will know just how important it is to make sure that everything stays in as good a condition as possible at all times. When a septic system in Dubbo goes wrong, it can cause no end of stress and bother for a person, both in a financial and time consuming way.

Of course, the only real way to ensure that you don’t have to face any of these annoying problems any time soon is to commit to proper maintenance and care of your facilities. To help you out in this regard, the team here at Matt Diamond Plumbing has put together some key tips for maintaining your septic system.

Regular Septic Inspections

The first stage of good maintenance is always to make sure you are doing regular inspection of your septic system. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty in your crawl space and assess the state of the pipes that live underneath your home. You will notice immediately if there is damage!

Keep Your Access Clear

Make the effort to remove any dirt that is covering the top of your tank. This is for ease of access because if the entrance gets too covered up, you won’t feel enthused to actually get around for inspection.

Check Your Scum Levels

You can check the scum level within your pipes by cutting at a small section in a larger pipe. The more scum that is present, the worse of a job your septic system is doing.

Inspect Your Sludge Layers

The same goes for checking the sludge layer. If the sludge layer is within 30cm of the outlet, then you need to pump your tank.

Pump Your System

And speaking of pumping the system, it is recommended that you make the time to do this once every three years. This is just common sense maintenance that helps to jeep the scum levels and sludge levels low. It’s not the nicest job in the world but it is definitely necessary!

Get In Touch

So, hopefully those tips can help you to keep your home running smoothly, but when the time does come that you need a repair or a new septic system in Dubbo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will always have a member of the team on hand to discuss any problems that you might be having and answer any questions that you have.