Why You Need a Roofer with Plumbing Expertise in Dubbo

Why You Need a Roofer with Plumbing Expertise in Dubbo

When It Comes To Roofing, It’s Always Best To Call A Plumber

Roofing and plumbing may seem to be different issues or different trades, but when you think about it, they do go together. Both deal with water. Roofs protect you from rain and unless you are collecting rainwater for your own personal use, it’s unwanted.

Plumbing also deals with water. In this case, supplying it and removing it, as in waste water. Although it may not seem so, the two trades go hand in hand, they are both about water management.

Apart from your indoor plumbing system, plumbers also deal with your outside waste water management too. Your roof and your drainage system are, or should be, part of an integrated whole.

They both work together to keep your home or business free from harm due to water. So, if you are having repairs, installation, or maintenance on either, it is better to hire a roofer in Dubbo that has expertise in both. For that reason, we at Matt Diamond Plumbing would like to tell you why you need a roofer with expertise with plumbing.

Professional Roof Installation

Roofs are designed not only to protect your home from the elements, but also to channel rainwater. The pitch or angle of the roof is important so that the rainwater flows in a particular direction. But what happens when it reaches the edge of the roof? It has to be collected and moved. That’s why your guttering system has to be correct. You have to sure that there is a correct flow of water in the right direction. For that reason, you need a roofer that can fit your guttering properly.

Correct Gutter Slopes

Guttering pitch and capacity, depending on seasonal rainfall, has to be right. Too steep and the rainwater will overflow the confines of the guttering when there is heavy rain, which defeats the object of having gutters. A too shallow grade won’t clear the rainwater from the guttering like it is supposed to, which leaves water in the guttering to stagnate and become a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects.

Properly Fitted Downpipes

Downpipes have to be aligned correctly too. A poorly fitted downpipe that badly aligned both top and bottom can lead to overspill above and equally poor drainage on the ground. A roofer in Dubbo with plumbing expertise understands that roofing, guttering, and drainage are all part of one integrated system.

All in One

After over 20 years in the business attending people’s plumbing and roofing needs, we at Matt Diamond Plumbing can tell you that a roofer in Dubbo with plumbing experience is really your best bet. So, if you need repairs, installation or replacement of your outside plumbing don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through message page.