Septic Water Services

Septic Tank installation & Repairs in dubbo

Some Dubbo properties are not suitable to connect to the town’s sewage network, which is why home and business owners resort to alternative solutions. Septic tanks offer an affordable method to manage your own wastewater treatment. At Matt Diamond Plumbing, we supply and install tanks as well as service your septic tank across Dubbo.

Site assessment is essential if you’re looking to purchase a septic tank. Before we install the system, we must assess your site and recommend the right wastewater unit for you. Several factors come into consideration including land size, slope, soil, surrounding waterways, number of people in the property and specific council regulations.

Our installation service is fast and efficient, ensuring your system is ready to go with our trusted brand Fujiclean Australia. We have a fleet of Bobcats, tipper trucks and excavators to trench where the septic tank will go. Irrigation management is also crucial so that your property is correctly piped up to the wastewater system.

Onsite systems require special permits and must meet certain requirements from your local council. You will need to obtain the following authorisations:

  • Approval to install the system
  • Approval to operate the system

Need a septic tank serviced or installed on your property? Contact the Matt Diamond Plumbing team today.

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