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Roofer cutting corrigated iron roof - Roofing and Guttering Services In Dubbo, NSW

When roofing or guttering issues arise, plumbers are typically not the first contractor you think of. However, a plumbing licence is required to handle any drainage work. The Matt Diamond Plumbing team is highly experienced to handle all roof plumbing and gutter cleaning jobs.

How your roof collects and disposes of storm water is integral to its longevity and structural integrity. We implement downpipes, rain water tanks and drainage disposal points to ensure storm water doesn’t pool or leak.


Gutter Installation & Roofer Services

If you’re constructing a new home or would like to maintain your current roof, we provide the following services:

  • Installation of gutters, downpipes & storm water
  • Installation of rain water tanks

In addition to installation work, we also provide maintenance and repair services for storm water systems and guttering. Immediate repair prevents roof leaks, foundation erosion and mould and mildew infestations.


Get In Touch For Professional Roofing & Guttering

If you live in Dubbo and are after a comprehensive roofing and guttering service, get in touch with Matt Diamond Plumbing today.

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