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When roofing or guttering issues arise, plumbers are typically not the first contractor you think of. However, a plumbing licence is required to handle any drainage work. The Matt Diamond Plumbing team is highly experienced to handle all roof plumbing and gutter cleaning jobs.

How your roof collects and disposes of storm water is integral to its longevity and structural integrity. We implement downpipes, rain water tanks and drainage disposal points to ensure storm water doesn’t pool or leak.


Gutter Installation

If you’re constructing a new home or would like to maintain your current roof, we provide the following services:

In addition to installation work, we also provide maintenance and repair services for storm water systems and guttering. Immediate repair prevents roof leaks, foundation erosion and mould and mildew infestations.


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If you live in Dubbo and are after a comprehensive roofing and guttering service, get in touch with Matt Diamond Plumbing today.

The most common gutter problem experienced by homeowners is gutter overflow. Gutter overflow occurs when guttering is installed at the incorrect slope. This combined with blockages like fallen leaves or build-up of sediment means that water is prevented from draining away completely.

If your gutters overflow rather than passing water through the downpipes, then it can cause water damage to your property and wasted water that otherwise would’ve been directed into your rainwater tanks.

At Matt Diamond Plumbing, our roofing and guttering solutions will keep your gutters in top condition. Get in touch with our friendly plumbers and roofers today.

During long periods of drought or intermittent rainfall, maximising your collection of rainwater is vital. At Matt Diamond Plumbing, we’ve got a few tips on making the most of your gutters when it comes to collecting rainwater.

  1. Check your gutters are installed at the right angle to ensure that you’re getting sufficient drainage. If the pitch is too moderate, it won’t take much for water to pool and overflow, while long gutters are often best to begin the pitch in the middles diverting water to each end.
  2. Consider increasing the capacity of your gutters. Not only does increasing the capacity allow you to capture more water for storage, but it significantly reduces the chances of overflow and resulting damages.
  3. Add leaf guards as well as leaf-shedding rain-heads to your downpipes when upgrading your guttering system. These additions can help prevent blockages and increase the volume of water directed to your downpipes and into your rainwater tank.

At Matt Diamond Plumbing, we specialise in the installation of guttering and rainwater tanks to ensure Dubbo residents make the most of their rainwater systems. If you feel you could be getting more from your roofing and guttering, contact us today.

Rainwater tanks can be an important addition to many homes. Not only do they shrink your environmental footprint but they help save on your water bill in the long. In general, rainwater tanks can cost between $700 and $2000 or more depending on the size, finish, and strength of the tank, as well as any necessary extras like pumps and filters.


If you are thinking of installing a new rainwater tank, you may be eligible for various government rebates to reduce the overall cost. The Dubbo Regional Council are offering a $250 rebate on rainwater tanks above two kilolitres. In addition, if you are a primary producer, you may be eligible for a one-off rebate for up to $25,000 as part of the NSW Government’s Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme, including water tanks.


For more information of rainwater tank installation costs, get in touch with us at Matt Diamond Plumbing and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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